Friday, August 15, 2008

Pixy Stix

Important information to remember: Pixy Stix powder burns like the devil when you get it in your eyes.

Tonight my son Symeon wanted to have a couple of Pixy Stix after supper, and brought them to me to have them opened. I distinctly remember, from my childhood, pinching the tops of the tubes and vigorously shaking the powder to the bottom in order have more room to tear the tube open without spilling anything. Evidently my ability to vigorously shake has increased with age, because after the tube whacked each side of my hand a few times the dad-gum thing exploded in my face, getting Pixy powder in my eye, ear, my keyboard, all over the couch. My oldest son, who was innocently sitting next to me on the couch, got it in the eyes as well. (He whined more than I did, big baby.) I have pretty long facial hair, so I had to use the vacuum attachment to suck out all the dust. Why doesn’t Willy Wonka put a warning label on these things!?!


  1. This is why Pop Tarts are a better snack. :)

  2. Steve,
    I am aware that you are trusting in Pop Tarts for your eventual inclusion in the Orthodox calendar of Saints
    but you should beware--Pop Tarts also have a severe burn warning. Just overheat one, bite in, and feel the roof of your mouth melt. We live in a scary, dangerous world. No wonder we bless our food before we eat!

  3. LOL! I never nuke Pop Tarts. Is outrage! If you toast them, you HAVE to put butter on them (the back side so it soaks in) and they cool enough to not blister the roof of your mouth. If we keep holy tradition all is well. :)