Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Thanksgiving--have the day off, plan to do more schoolwork.

Kids have been playing Guitar Hero--Symeon (3) sings: "I love rock and roll / Put another ??? in the Juicebox, Baby. . .

Spent a few days going behind a repairperson from Handyman Connection to fix his or her screw-ups. Never, ever, hire this person for anything. Among other incredibly non-handy accomplishments, he or she installed a roof vent boot ON TOP OF THE SHINGLES! Might as well install a funnel with a sign saying: Here, Water, this is the quickest way to the bathroom ceiling.

Spiritually struggling; over-busy. (I've yet to learn the fine art of saying "No, sorry, I do not have time.")

Another stack of books awaiting my free time--next summer, perhaps.

Gregory, the new one, is now pulling up on everything, grabbing everything, sticking everything in his mouth, etc.

Ah, I did manage to read this last night from Wendell (while secluded in my private study, if you know what I mean):

Best of any song
is bird song
in the quiet, but first
you must have the quiet.

Amen, brother.

And I almost forgot--NO ONE has more to be thankful for than I do. End of story.


  1. Ah, life. A good part of my business is fixing other people's screw ups. I just re-attached an undermount sink where they completely cut away the plywood so there were no clips or braces, the only thing holding it was caulk. The lady filled both sides with water and it dropped.
    "Just say no" is easier said than done, after 56 years I can almost do it sometimes. :) My pile of books next to the bed hasn't gotten shorter either...and I only have two kids at home (one is 29 too.) And yeah, the blessings are indeed great. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. put another straw in the juicebox, maybe?

  3. Does that maybe replace the baby? Cause that would make total sense. *nod*

    Enjoying your blog, Mr. Becky!