Thursday, August 9, 2012


Another attempt at Three Word Wednesday. Words are uneasy, drawn, and crumble (I took the liberty of changing to crumbled.) I wish I could be more consistent, but my heavy work schedule blahblahblah.


He woke
to the sound of rain
humbly descending
to earth
like an incarnate god.
Not an unqualified
blessing, this quiet falling
is known to add up,
and add up, a violent wash
the world's crust.

Yet he wakes
in hope; no uneasy
thoughts of trial
by water drawn
from sacred text
or history. Rising
like a blade of grass
from crumbled
soil, he begins
his halting resurrection.


  1. plant personification - I love it! Rain can be a gift and a curse, but mostly a life-giving gift....

  2. so glad it is raining here today we've had so little rain that we are in severe drought and the farmers need the rain.

  3. joanne, Thank you for commenting. I'm one of the odd ones who likes even the most severe thunderstorms. But there's nothing like a gentle rain . . .

    Sheilagh, Thanks for visiting, and I share your gladness for rain. We've been pretty dry here as well, but this week has been a good damp one. Even a few gullywashers!

  4. There is a conundrum with rain and its erratic habits (particularly in Australia). No matter how much we need it, how we wish it to stop when it does persist and how we look in vain for it's coming when the dry continues and our gardens whither. However the native Australian plants are well aware of natures vagaries and will survive through the most extended droughts. The sound of rain when needed is music indeed. A great poem.

  5. there is a quiet power in your poem, i see a vast land of danger
    and possibilities.

  6. It's raining today. most people seem to be finding it off putting, scurrying inside while I walk about leisurely. It can, however, be a wicked force and a cleansing one as well.

    (on a side note: I smiled really wide when I saw your name among my comments for this weeks 3WW. It has been a while, but I always enjoy your visits. Thank you!)

  7. Robin, Thanks for your comment. Funny how we humans find a way to complain no matter what!

    Paige + Shauna, Thanks for stopping by. We are always on the precipice of danger and possibility--this source of anxiety is a goldmine for poets, isn't it?

    RMP, I'm tickled to have made your day. It has been awhile. Hopefully I can come out to play more often now. Thanks, as always.