Friday, February 22, 2013

Charles Simic: My Weariness of Epic Proportions

My Weariness of Epic Proportions

I like it when
Gets killed
And even his buddy Patroclus--
And that hothead Hector--
And the whole Greek and Trojan
Jeunesse doree
Is more or less
Expertly slaughtered
So there's finally
Peace and quiet
(The gods having momentarily
Shut up)
One can hear
A bird sing
And a daughter ask her mother
Whether she can go to the well
And of course she can
By that lovely little path
That winds through
The olive orchard

--Charles Simic


  1. Nice play on words, and a cool comment on war (and epics).

    1. Simic is good--surrealism, yet understandable for the most part. I've always enjoyed reading his war poetry.