Friday, July 4, 2014


For the few people who have been paying attention, you may have noticed that I haven't been writing or posting much in the past few months. There are many reasons for this. Some of these reasons are out of my control, such as my current work schedule. But I have also kind of lost my way, my motivation, whatever it is that keeps me writing and posting things I think are worthwhile. In hopes of renewing some creative impulse I have decided a change of venue might be helpful. We'll see.

You may now find me at my Wordpress site, My Tiny Throes. All of the content here has been imported over there, and I hope the new scenery will spur me on to keep writing and posting. (As an aside, I have reverted back to my given name, Jeff. I think the folks who were out to get me have been sufficiently thrown off my trail, so there is no reason to use a nickname to protect my identity.)


  1. is nice to meet you Jeff...although Nico will be missed....

    I understand all too well the loss of "motivation." I hope the new scenery will help to rejuvenate the writing mojo.

    1. Thanks RMP. I'm not sure if the new scenery will do anything for me, but it's worth a shot. I have some good poem ideas I'd like to pursue, but just can't seem to devote the energy to it. We'll see what happens!