Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Eternity's Gift

Three Word Wednesday, prompt words foolish, mercy, relish. I missed contributing last week--Holy Week is always busy for me.

Eternity’s Gift

So what is one supposed to do,
seeing time race by like a summer
storm? The days full of strength
are far between and getting farther—
I’m not finished yet but the end
is in sight. And I am not afraid.
I have learned through many
foolish hours that every end
is a beginning; every weakness
supplies its own strength; to plunge
to the depths is to finally find mercy;
every path is passable if it
follows the way of love. Knowing
this, I will relish each fleeting
moment as eternity’s rich
gift, abiding in the fullness
of this brief and blessed life.


  1. Nico,
    This is direct and honest. I love the flow and tone. Well done.
    Here is my 3WW bit:

  2. So true we see that time passes faster as we get older.great poem

  3. This is so much like an earnest prayer from the heart.

  4. Assured, un-touchable words..I hope you enjoy every minute of your days..I admire your words..and your conviction..good to have you back after last week's break..Jae

  5. I'm right with you with these thoughts Nico. When one reaches 78, each new morning's awakening seems like a fresh gift of life for which one can only be grateful.
    This is not the time for long term planning; each seperate second must be savoured. Of course, if I make it to 100, I've got 22 years yet - time for a few more postings to 3WW.

  6. It certainly doesn't read like a prayer, but you get that vibe. And I really dig it.

  7. Kim, Thank you. I was shooting for a little more certainty than I usually possess--I'm pleased you thought it came off well!

    Sheilagh, Strange how time, such a universal reality, can be so subjective. The seconds do not tick by any faster, but we sure experience it so. Thanks.

    Oldegg, There is a prayerful quality here--probably comes from the phrasing I used, reminescent of the Bible. The earnestness comes from a weird mixture of confidence and doubt--who am I trying to convince, anyway?!

    Jae, Thanks for the kind thoughts--I talk a big game, but I'm as full of doubt, fear, unkindness, and ignorance as anyone. I like to write above my experience. Gives me something to shoot for!

    Alt, Every moment holds potential joys--and potential sorrows. The grateful heart knows how to take these potentials and make a happy life. Do us all a favor and live as long as possible, will you?

    Thom, Like I mentioned to Oldegg, the prayerful vibe comes from years of religious instruction as a kid--biblical phrases and thoughts just kind of swim around in my head, and naturally come out in my writing. Glad you dig it!

  8. beautiful. "I have learned through many/foolish hours that every end/is a beginning; every weakness/supplies its own strength." how true...

    enjoy each fleeting as they may be.