Thursday, April 14, 2011


For Three Word Wednesday: prompt words are evident, illusion, tragic.


The buried dead are alive
To me, an evident reality;
A past I am unable and
Unwilling to leave behind.
History throbs with life—every
Person, event, and decision sounds
Loud in my memory, makes
Me know my inheritance
Is not an illusion.
Tragic and comic, blessing and curse,
A mixed cup poured
Liberally into my present.


  1. You have just set to words my own feelings exactly. The past, and it's events, are part of everyday life to me. I wish I had written your poem.

  2. Very well written piece. A great take on the prompts.


  3. What an inheritance - like the whole world has been poured into your must get those moments in the supermarket too where everything seems kind of odd face here or there..a smell or a voice..Jae ;)

  4. Do other creatures mourn as we poor humans do? I suspect that it is by chance that some faulty gene has given this blessed curse. A really great piece of work.

  5. Alt, The older I get, the more weight the past has for me. I realize more clearly my indebtedness, I suppose. For you to say you wish you had written this piece is high praise; I'll cherish your words for many days to come. I thank you.

    Lisa, Thanks for stopping by to visit and for leaving such kind words. I'm way behind in my reading this week, but I hope to visit your blog in the next few days to see your contribution to the prompt.

    Jae, It does happen. Little things just pop up and remind me of people I have known, experiences I have enjoyed or endured. And yes, the whole world has been poured into my soul--not just mine, but all of us. Just think of all the people and events that had to be just so for us to have our existence here and now. It awes me. Thanks--I missed your contribution this week, you're usually one of the first on the board and I didn't see your name last night when posted. I'll check back again later!

    Oldegg, That's a great question that I have pondered as well. Maybe some of those elephant grunts the scientists are always studying is just that--elephants poeticizing over their past! Thanks for your generous comment.

  6. Hi Nico - thanks for missing my post - I was somewhat tardy but did a Three Word Friday instead! Jae