Thursday, June 23, 2011

Not for Nothing

For Three Word Wednesday, prompt words gag, omit, maintain. I had this ready earlier, but had an argument with myself about the best order for the stanzas. Settled on this for now.

Not for Nothing

It's not for nothing
I come early to Tumble Creek,
leaving the noisy boundaries
of progress and order to learn
the wind's soft syllables.

The architects of Paradise
have Nature bound and gagged,
allowing her to speak barely
in well-maintained green accents--

but I need to see Nature wild,
hear her whisper mysteries
known only to those who
love their place, who listen
with the care that omits nothing.


  1. That is so, so beautiful Nico. To commune with raw nature, in the wild, is so much more soul-satisfying than sitting in a manicured park. We have deliberately allowed our garden to 'run wild' this year and the interest in it is incredible - birds, animals, bees (yes bees!).
    My old back approves as well!

  2. 'wind's soft syllables' - what a mighty is hard to pick out the real sounds in the world..I love this piece..I imagine sitting in a dewy field trying to think and hear..Jae

  3. Leigh, I enjoy the well-kept garden or park. I didn't have time for a garden this year, but I take pleasure in that kind of work. I think it's a matter of balance. We need order, but we also need spaces that are left untouched, if for no other reason than for what these wild places can teach us. Thanks for your kind words!

    Jae, Thanks for your effort to enter my words--your reaction is just what I had in mind as I wrote this one. Quiet places, places we can be at peace are sometimes hard to find, especially in the cities and suburbs.

  4. I love this, its gorgeous I too feel I have get out beyond the maintained plastic nature out into the forests to reconnect

  5. Mesmerizing.
    That's the only word that comes to mind xxx

  6. Mindlovemisery, I thank you much. I don't agree with every single thing Thoreau wrote, but on this subject I think he spoke wisely: "I love the wild not less than the good."

    Ren, That's a mighty fine word. Thanks for that, and I'm glad you thought so!

  7. reads like a song... l like the idea of finding that resting place where one gathers strength...

  8. ms pie, thanks for kindly stopping by. My life is mostly a scurrying about trying to find the right path--a good and peaceable path. One must often go out of the way to find it.

  9. I could hear nature whispering.... Absolutely beautiful. I love the description in the second stanza...the idea of paradise restricting nature when often thoughts of paradise have you surrounded by it.

  10. Self-revealing and lovely....My dad always said "not for nothing'.....great work