Thursday, March 3, 2011

And the Award Goes to . . .

For Three Word Wednesday, prompt words were affinity, fidget, and mention.

And the Award Goes to . . .

Unblinking, we devour
fabricated reality like
saucer-eyed fish that cannot
distinguish real worms
from glittering bait. Such
affinity for the famous,
who earn their honor by
pretending to be what
they are not. They fuss and fidget
and we watch, mouth agape
as if witnessing the return
of Christ Almighty. Take
hold of your own days.
Make no mention of the
exploits of others.
You also live.

(So I was feeling a little grouchy today.)


  1. Oh! That is so true. These people, skilled though some of them are, are simply doing what they want to do, and getting well paid for it. The extra, self-given honours are trite and un-necessary.

  2. Yes indeed..speaking aloud in front of a camera isn't such a huge endeavour..the people who write the words however..hmm..maybe..Jae ;)

  3. Some people really enjoy public speaking that's so true.

  4. Grouchy? I could do better than that! We are all sychophanting fools when it comes to celebrities. (Sorry to use a noun as a verb!)

    You expressed it very well indeed.

  5. Alt, The whole celebrity culture just rubs me the wrong way. Sure, someone has to be in the spotlight, but a person's worth should not be determined by stardom or obscurity. So it seems to me.

    Jae, Yes, the writers should be making the big bucks! Anyway, I'd rather read one of your poems than sit and watch a current sitcom. No lie.

    Amelia, Thanks for stopping by and commenting, I'm sure you are right!

    Old Egg, Yeah, I suppose this was a pretty tame grouchy. Thanks for your encouraging comment. Great stories over at the Robin's Nest!

    Just for the record, I'm not against entertainment, and I certainly have my favorite actors, writers, singers, sports stars, performers of all kinds. Yet I am know people--commoners, simple country folk, housewives, small business owners, school teachers, etc.--whose lives shine with a brilliance that cannot be duplicated by a spotlight. Folks like Old Altonian's Harry, from his story this week. Those are the real celebs!

  6. I think it's easy for people to get lost in the celebrity as a way to deflect their own problems - and the problems of the world.

  7. Sheilagh Lee aka Amelia said:apparently my other blog came up when I posted before .This is always such deep poetry thoughtful.I really like your poetry.

  8. Thom, You're right. And to some extent, I think humans need a way to deflect problems, at least some of the time. It's not easy getting on in the world.

    Sheilagh, I wondered who that was! Thanks for such a kind compliment.