Thursday, March 24, 2011


For Three Word Wednesday: prompt words dual, volley, identical.


Invisible change, slower than the shift
From babbling youth to maturity.
The dual reality of living—

Flesh-willing, spirit-weak. Wait
Still as ancient stone; night fades into day.
A volley of light, celestial energy

Breaks the tedium, penetrates marrow deep.
Hold the tentative hope until
Spirit and will are identical.


  1. A journey of faith perhaps. Like your blog title by the way.

  2. We change all the time and to us that change is not apparent as it is to others. It might take us years to finally see that we are not the person we once were. Sadly I can never see that time when my spirit and will are identical. I just don't have that patience. A great insightful piece of writing.

  3. Christine, Thanks for stopping by--yes, a journey describes it well. I started this blog without any real intentions, hence the title. I still am unsure what I'm doing here!

    Oldegg, "Sadly I can never see that time when my spirit and will are identical. I just don't have that patience." Maybe--I feel the same way about myself. Then again, one may always entertain the possibility of eternity, in which case even a small amount of patience is plenty. Thanks for your thoughtful comment!

  4. Ultimate truths will out, whether we are patient or not, so I would say a state of Calm acceptance of continuing changes, leading us towards...... And there is the rub; towards what? Yes! I suppose we must have patience. You do make us think, Nico.

  5. We have to keep going until that time..but if it came to soon we'd have nothing to get up for each day..maybe that's why it is best placed at the end of the journey..patience indeed to find it..Jae :)