Thursday, March 17, 2011


Three Word Wednesday: prompt words breeze, mellow, tickle.


Rending breezes come and go.
The limbless tree still
rooted stands. You’re stumped—
words tickle my throat—
why I oughtta nod
off, quit trying when
trying is half the fun?

But I can go further even if
on my belly and I will
I will not cry out!

Will you meet me
at Mellow Marsh? I didn’t
think so but just in case.
Buy an island no one
cares where. I smell home,
and I’ll not stop
till I arrive.


  1. "I smell home and I'll not stop till I arrive" That is a fantastic line. How I've felt like that many a time. There are a lot of punches packed into this little piece. Most thought provoking.

  2. I'm with OldEgg - that was my favourite line too...I loved the dialogue..raised many a question -What is Mellow Marsh amongst them..Jae

  3. 'The limbless tree still rooted stands' - WOW! Almost Shakespearean in its flow and meter. Magnificent poem,very, very well done!

  4. Oldegg, Thanks so much. Sometimes we get off course and life ravages us. I hope that people have some memory of home, security, belonging, peace, whatever you want to call it, that they can latch on to and keep them in the struggle.

    Jae, I'm glad you liked it. Mellow Marsh--I like marshmellows, do you? Marshmellows are comforting, inviting, safe. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a place like that?

    Alt, You're too kind. That sentence is a bit archaic in word order (at least here in the American South!), but I thought it worked well to emphasize all the words. And I was hoping for a noble, defiant voice for that sentence. Shakespeare is pretty noble!

    Thank you, each one of you, for reading and commenting every week. You'll never know what an encouragement you are.

  5. I read this twice.
    It makes me feel so much better. I know not to give up no matter what.
    Thank you for posting this.

    Cool profile pic by the way :)

  6. Very good read. I too love "I smell home and I'll not stop till I arrive". Plenty to think about here :)

    The Poetry Bin

  7. Ren, Thanks for stopping by--I'm pleased to no end that you were encouraged by my little poetic attempt.

    Hayden, That line seems to be the winner, but when I wrote it I had serious questions about its effectiveness--it almost didn't make the cut. Thanks for your generous comments.

  8. sheilagh Lee said "buy an island and I smell home,
    and I’ll not stop
    till I arrive."wonderful poem truly beautiufl imagery

  9. Sheilagh, Thanks for your kind comment--this poem came together in a sort of weird way, so I'm happy it came across ok.